Arrogant pedestrians



I have no real problem with bad drivers in Pattaya but I do have a big problem with bad pedestrians from the Sub-Continent. All other people who come here walk at the side of the road in single file or at the most two abreast. These people walk in the middle of the road sometimes six abreast. When you drive up behind them and blast your horn, they do not even look round and if they do, they are quite indignant. Are these people ignorant or arrogant or both?

When there is a pavement, sidewalk, they do not use it. They walk on the road. I have lived in Pattaya for ten years and every motorist I have met hates these pedestrians. One American guy said he wished he could run into them like a bowling ball.

On British tour planes, before landing, the stewardess will tell the passengers what not to do in the country they are visiting. Could this not be done by Sub-Continent tour operators?

Some time ago it was reported in the Mail that the Indian ambassador had threatened that if the Thai police did not stop the jet ski operators ripping off Indian tourists, he would stop all Indians coming to Pattaya. I am happy that the Thai government is trying to do something about this evil practice, which happens to all tourists. If the Sub-Continental tourists don’t learn how to conduct themselves while out walking then the local government should ban them from coming to Pattaya.

Donald Mclean