Applaud some order being brought to chaos



Re: So many questions (PM Mailbag Friday, 06 November 2015) – Please show us your Thai voter ID card. If you lack one you are a guest. Guests can move to other parts if unsatisfied with being unable to buy alcohol 24/7 and should otherwise be grateful for each new sunrise. Or you could (gasp!) pay for a drink at a bar if you are desperate.

Beach chairs off one day a week accomplishes many good things for our beaches, but I would prefer to see a day off “rotated” among vendors rather than having all closed on the same day. Probably too much of a hassle to enforce one third closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Although in my opinion it could be accomplished easily by color coding licenses. You need to understand Rick that for years the beach vendors operated like a Mafia here and elsewhere in Thailand. I applaud some order being brought to chaos.