Angels are still amongst us



Some of your readers may remember me from my writing of regular golf reports for the TRGG or in my position as an English teacher in Banchang.

Well that all came to an end in October of 2011 when a car accident left me hospitalised for five months and paralysed in my arms and legs.

I had been with my Thai partner Kwan three years at the time but I am sure she could never have imagined the position she would find herself in.

But she turned out to be an Angel in disguise.

I did not at the time know that she gave up her job as a maid and stayed at the hospital helping look after me and often slept on the floor by my bed.

She is still looking after me 24/7 doing everything for me including jobs that no man would really want his partner doing.

We often hear bad stories about Thai ladies and I am sure that many others would have packed their bags and headed for home where ever that might be quicker than you can say Thailand.

But mine is an Angel and that is the difference.

The other Angels that I have to make reference to are the many true friends that live in the Banchang area and golfers that I came to know during my three years of writing reports who also started looking after me.

Organising a hospital type bed and a wheelchair plus other resources and finance when it was needed, many still visit regularly and often bring English food for me.

These are Angels in any ones book and all I can offer all of them is two small words that mean so much.


From Barry Hooper