And still more from “low refund for noisy condo”


Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago you published my letter under the headline: ‘No refund for noisy condo’. Up to yesterday it has had 4,184 reads online. I went back to the condo last week to settle with my landlady after she said she didn’t have a problem with my terminating my 12 month lease early. The final transaction was conducted last Tuesday when I received, through the letting agent, 75,000 baht. My original outlay last September was 180,000 baht for 1 year’s rent at 15,000 baht a month, + 15,000 baht security check.

As you may recall, I had noise pollution problems from the start which came to a head last December when I returned for my Xmas holiday, and left early at extra cost to myself. My landlady claimed that the noisy, vibrating ‘smoke ventilator’ had been fixed shortly after I left last December. When I came back on Feb 3rd, this didn’t seem to be the case; there was a slight improvement but the nuisance was still definitely there.

Since taking up my tenancy on Sept 1st, 2010, I’ve spent a total of 24 nights in the condo, at a cost to me of 120,000 baht, this works out at 5,000 baht a night, and at best the condo is only 3 star accommodation … without the noise pollution nuisance. I’ve now no intention to ever return to Jomtien.

Philip Fletcher