Amnesty is primarily a political organization



Re: Amnesty’s success is because of do-gooders (Mailbag, Nov 25): The problem with Amnesty is that they are primarily a political organization. Yes, they sometimes do good but they also sometimes do some things destructive. They take positions not necessarily based on human rights but all too often based on their own political beliefs (primarily anti-Capitalism). And by doing so invite the ridicule that some heap on them. If they would simply fight for rights and quit pushing an extreme political position they would be more believable. But until they do that, they are quite deservedly considered by many, perhaps most, to be a joke.

If you want to understand Amnesty International, simply read today’s news. George W Bush is touring several African nations to help promote AIDS awareness and treatment, something he was well loved in Africa for doing during his administration.

Amnesty is demanding that those African countries arrest him for what Amnesty claims are war crimes. Of course they are not, but Amnesty is all about politics.

Note that Clinton bombed a factory in retaliation for embassy bombings that turned out to be a baby formula factory. Amnesty is not demanding his arrest. Clinton is a Democrat.

Note that Obama has Osama killed and ordered drones to kill other Al Qaeda members, including US citizens, in Yemen. Amnesty is not demanding his arrest. Obama is a Democrat.

Bush allowed water boarding of Al Qaeda prisoners. The legal authority at the time said that this was completely legal. Amnesty is demanding his arrest. Bush is a Republican.

Amnesty is a political organization. Period.

John Nielson