Aloha Pattaya Mail



KOTO would like to thank all of you at Pattaya Mail for all of the years we have known each other, the support you have given KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean, cleaning beaches, storm drains, passing out information posters in many languages with pictures, the posting of them on storm drains, trees, hotels, restaurants, 7/11 stores, donation boxes at Thai Immigration on Soi 5, Surf Kitchen Restaurant, Jomtien Beach Road, Soi 6…

Assisting homeless people with water, food, toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap, clean used clothes, first aid, from time to time money.

Giving food, water, mange medicine (KOTO potion) if needed to 100 stray, lost or abandoned dogs, having them spayed, accident operations, adoptions also around 15 cats.

KOTO especially wants to thank Paul Strachan for all of his awesome interviews with KOTO, dating back to 2006.

KOTO would also like to thank many of the people that read your great paper, that also donate dog food, clean used clothes, and money. Without their reaching out, KOTO could never begin to do what he does.

Wishing all good health, happiness, long life and earned inner-wealth.

As we say in Hawaii: Hau’oli Lanui (Happy Holidays) and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)

Gerry T. Rasmus aka KOTO

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