Almost anyone can own a gun in USA



Re: Many things need changing (PM Friday, 17 July 2015) – A population of 320 million and almost anyone can own a gun. In most western countries only police & security personnel are armed. One must be investigated by police before a permit is granted.

With the exception of Northern Ireland, UK police patrol unarmed.

To only recruit from their own area would encourage graft.

An officer has the right to stop and search only if a crime has been committed or you are hiding something. Yet NY has a “Stop & Frisk” law. Hundreds of people are subjected to this procedure daily. If they resist they are charged with a bogus misdemeanor. The vast majority of these charges are thrown out of court. But the required quota has been reached. It’s the Gong Ho “Don’t Sass Me Boy” attitude of the police & their shoot first ask questions later that is the main trouble.

At a guess there must be millions of licensed shooters in USA and it has became an us or them country.

Now I must hurry down to Wal-Mart. They have a special on this week, 38 cal rimless dum/dums.

Bryan Patricks

Ed’s note: “In most western countries only police & security personnel are armed” – I’d just like to add, “and criminals”.