All generals could be called infamous


Dear Editor,

The letter from a Mr. Dee is little arrogant, self serving impudent and conceived. In any case distinctive of a provincial behavior.

Mr. Dee does not understand a thing on Special Air Service. He doesn’t know that Sir Col. David Stirling a Scottish laird that I personally admire for his practical temperament spirit of adventure and boldness, achieved outstanding results in many part of the world. This is the fine side of the picture. Do you know that there is a huge statue of Col. Stirling in Doune, Stirlingshire?

He was appointed by Ministry of Defence under SIS approval to set up a special force that in the years bravely and dangerously operate in various part of the world in actions most of them concealed.

On the morality of duty or their performance is up to the History make the final assessment.

But at the very beginning the initial recruiters were not angels or missionaries. There was no time to make a keen selection. The biography of each single recruit can be found in some hidden disk master.

Therefore the start of S.A.S. was what I already said I have received from a Brit buddy an amazing statement.

In addition I’d advice Mr. Hothead to pay a visit to SAS club located steps away from the rear door of Harrods in central London.

Assuming he may have access to a very exclusive club he should enter in the library if permitted and start consulting thousands of documents on the life of SAS from the beginning to nowadays.

Anyway, all institutions as Secret Service, Army, Police, mercenary groups, you name it, have a number of skeletons in the cupboard performing dirty but it is said necessary jobs for… ‘National Security’.

They are not friendly or Charity Institutions and there is a huge record on such organizations.

Said that, Mr. Hothead calm down, take a cold shower and be documented before make any statement on unknown topics or get excited over nothing.

Regarding Gen. Rommel: In some way all generals should be called infamous as deliberately they send millions of soldiers to death and they don’t really care about it. Therefore Gen Rommel is not more infamous than his enemy. Or not?