All ‘fur coat’ and no infrastructure


Dear Editor,

I read in yesterday’s Pattaya Mail (3/4/15) of the opening of the show rooms for a mega structure to be built on Wat Boonkanjanaram Road: a 526 room condo block called Jomtien Orient Resort and Spa. This isn’t the same mega structure forming at the back of Majestic Condos is it? Or is this an entirely new project? I’ve spotted a potential building plot in front of Park Lane Resort.

Now I’ve been trudging up and down Wat Boon Road for the past 10 years, my eyesight’s too poor to allow me even to ride a push bike; it’s an arterial road, with Beach Road at one end, Sukhumvit Highway at the other, and 2nd Road crossing it somewhere in between. There’s no paving on Wat Boon Road and the sewage system is basic; plenty of those ‘exotic aromas’ to be sniffed up.

I reckon if this mega structure is to be remotely viable it’s going to need underground parking for 526 vehicles, its own human waste recycling plant so it can run its own power plant, and lots of solar panels so it can be self sufficient in generating water and electricity. None of this was mentioned in yesterday’s article.

Bemused and baffled,

Jomtien resident