Ali was a conscientious objector


Re: The “greatest” dodged the draft (PM Mailbag June 10, 2016) – The American Supreme Court decided that he (Mohamed Ali, not his “slave name” of Clay), like the Amish, like the Mormons, like Orthodox Jews and like any person with profound religious aversion to taking another person’s life may be a conscientious objector.
He could have also, had he wished, just gone north to Canada which gladly accepted Vietnam era objectors to killing people. Guess what? They got an amnesty and could return.
That you would call him “Clay” reveals your racial, shall we say “awareness?” He stood for an antiwar cause and even stated: “No one from Vietnam ever called me a nigger, wronged me, or wronged anyone I know.”
If it is your genuine suggestion that civilian lawyers have any effect on military postings, I would like to order what you have been smoking.


  1. There were a lot of sudden ‘conscientious objectors’ in the American Army during WWII in the European theatre. They refused orders to advance, mutinied, went to ground at the first enemy bullet, shot themselves, and constantly demanded hospitalization. They did not want to get shot. All the armies on both sides had these problems but the American Army was the worst. Somebody does not have to defend their culture or their language or their country or their family because they just don’t want to (oh excuse me: conscientious objectors)? Nonsense.

  2. Good job Britain did not have a high percentage of ‘conscientious objectors’ during WW2 or the whole of Europe would be under German control……….Oh wait a minute it is!
    Nothing to stop a conscientious objector serving on the front line as a medic/ambulance driver etc. but of course there would be something to stop a coward from doing that, namely it would be dangerous!


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