Adopt an “attitude of gratitude”



Re: Wall shaking music from Tum Ta Cafe (PM Friday, 11 September 2015) – Consider vinyl replacement windows and balcony doors with double glass. Vinyl will not rattle and will save you on cooling costs. Then, fill your room with clean fabrics to absorb sound, like draperies, cloth sofas, pillows, carpets.

See your doctor and have your hearing checked. Yes, it can be too acute.

You won’t get anything for your condo in the present market. So adopt an “attitude of gratitude” that you are not “home” where you were unsatisfied anyway. Put it on the market in 2018 if you are unhappy still. Two years four months from now we will have a new constitution and a less desperate business climate. So many of these places blare music in the hope of getting a customer.

Good luck,