Accident waiting to happen



Throughout last year, and for the first couple of months of this year, the city of Nongprue managed a major project upgrading the drainage and the road surface on Soi Siam Country Club Road. The project was a great success. The road is now one of the best in the Pattaya/Nongprue area, with a thick, high quality cement surface.

However, upon completion of the project, they did not reactivate the traffic signal at the intersection of that road with Nongprue Road, which has been similarly upgraded. The traffic on both roads is heavy most of the time, and continues to increase as more people realize that Soi Siam is now open and in prime condition. The traffic signal had been fully operational for a few months prior to the beginning of the project, and was deactivated only because there was virtually no traffic on Soi Siam during the construction.

The volume of the traffic at that intersection now creates long backups during rush hours; and the speed of the traffic on these upgraded surfaces during lighter traffic creates the threat of serious traffic accidents at any moment. The signals are now currently set on blinking red. This is not adequate to eliminate either the backups or the dangerous conditions. The signals should be reactivated to full cycle operation as soon as possible.

George Richman

Nongprue resident