A fair review?


Dear Sir,

I, a weekly reader, am amazed that of the 52 restaurants, give or take, reviewed annually by Miss Terry Diner, all are “Excellent”, “Good value for the money”, and on and on but never a simply bad place/food, or poor service or, to pricey or, no parking.

I have been to several reviewed as excellent and found the reviews did not list negatives experienced and appear biased in favour of the establishment.



Miss Terry replies:

The function of a review is to give the reader an idea of what the experience was like for the Dining Out Team.  There is absolutely no point in publishing a negative review.  It is not the reviewer’s right to break anyone’s rice bowl.  When we find a restaurant not up to scratch, we inform the manager of the problems and stop the review.  If the restaurant wishes to be reviewed again, after correcting the problems, then we do.  It should also be remembered that the standards as required of a “cheap and cheerful” are not the standards applied to fine dining restaurants.