2nd Road turning into garbage dump



Aloha Pattaya Mail – The fairly new Jomtien Second Road is becoming a garbage dump. Many of the tour buses stay there at night, pick up the tourists the next day and that’s great. Problem being, most, not all, throw all of their trash out of their bus onto the gutter, storm drains, that go to the ocean, walkways or in the bush next to it, making this new area a smelly contaminated eye soar.

The Pollution Solution Group has put posters next to the storm drains, every one in Thai with added English, Russian and German.

One would think, or at least we do, that if they care about Thailand and the environment, keeping it clean for His Majesty the King, they would put their trash in a dumpster along the way or leave it at the hotel pick up place.

We are pretty sure many of these buses are not from this area, but trash it without a second thought. These are the people that the tourists see, setting bad examples for them to take back to their country. It doesn’t seem like good networking to us.

We wonder if the bus companies are aware of what their drivers are doing…


The Pollution Solution Group