270 million baht



Re: Jomtien Beach facelift 20% complete (PM Friday 4 September 2015) – 270 million baht – It may be 20% complete from a contractor’s work viewpoint, but from a public’s observation view point there’s not one part of it complete, cleared up, lighting installed and trees planted.

270 million baht is a massive contract for 4km of pavement and landscaping works. In fact it is a much higher cost than equivalent works would cost in any western country. Makes you wonder just how much of the usual special “facilitation” payments were included in the tendered price. After this contract is “Pattaya style” complete, there will no doubt be big contracts required for re-installing the security cameras, most of which have been out of order for several years!

On a separate note, it would have been nice to see City Hall reclaim all the footpath width that has been stolen and built on, along the land side by restaurants and other businesses. The repaving of the landside footpath would have been a good opportunity for City Hall to have achieved that, but they have just gone along with that misappropriation of public lands and allowed it to continue.

John Guru (Jomtien)