10 baht for 8 biscuits


Hi Editor,

I don’t know if you’re allowed to criticise all things Thai in any way as a ‘farang’ but pack sizes in 7-11s and Tesco Express are really small in terms of what you get considering that the value of the THB has increased so much over the past few years. It’s true that prices have remained the same for a lot of the everyday items that I buy but in real terms their cost has nearly doubled if the proceeds are being put into international banking.

And the portions are so small as well, 10 baht for 8 biscuits in a pack for instance, or 5 baht for 2. A lot of products have virtually no weight or substance in them, they feel like fresh air in a plastic bag. So I’m relying on a diet of what I think will fill me up and provide some nutrition as well. Living out of restaurants and cafes is not for me or my budget. If Tesco Lotus on Sukhumvit road Jomtien provided a well-advertised shuttle bus I could shop there and feel a lot happier, as well as a lot of other old farangs.

Mr Philip Fletcher

Jomtien resident.