Eur-Seree Collecting Auction 55 (16-17 May ’20)


Eur-Seree will be conducting their 55th auction at the Narai Hotel in Bangkok on May 16 and 17, 2020. 2880 Lots are to be sold in the auction.

A variety of collector’s objects are to be sold, including, documents, books, photographs, watches, stamps, coins medals and banknotes to mention but just a few.

About 20 dealers will be exhibiting their collections during the viewing and the auction. So if you have no luck in buying your favourite choice at the sale, you might find something interesting from the exhibiting dealers.

The catalogue can be seen on

The auction catalogue can be bought for 1500 Baht inside Thailand or sent oversees by airmail for US$ 35.

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There are many collections of Royal Photographs and when signed are even more popular and are in high demand. For example a signed photograph of Rama VI is offered. The signature “Maha Vajiravudh 1907” is prominent on the front and the words “The King of Siam given to the Dean of Gloucester” is inscribed on the back. The starting price is 175,000 Baht.


For collectors of autographs there is good chance to get signed Royal documents. In Lot 52 there is a document signed by H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej in Thai about land mortgage. It is a nice document and the starting price is only 8,000 Baht.


A gold Pod Duang, bullet coin, 1 Baht, from the period 1851-68 is offered with a starting price of 300,000 Baht. It is in an Almost Uncirculated condition and both marks are very clear. The very same coin was sold in the Eur-Seree auction in 2009 for the same as the starting price in this auction. Should be a very good buy.


Silver Pod Duang, bullet coins, can be bought for less than 1,000 Baht. In Lot 1466 there are 13 pieces of 1 Baht coins and the starting price is 7,000 Baht. The coins are from the reign of King Rama III, 1824-51. The weight of one coin is around 15 grams. If one is interested in bullet coins it is worth spending some time to study the catalogue.

In recent years the interest for copper coins in high grades has increased. Prior to this, most of the collectors were concentrating on the silver coins. But many realized that it was actually harder to find a copper coin in good condition.

The reason being, in the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, it was the copper coins that were being circulated the most.

In this sale there is also a 2 Att, Seo, from RS109 (1890) graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) to be MS63RB, which is the same as Uncirculated. If it can be bought for the starting price of 10,000 Baht, it is a very good buy.

In 1907 King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, paid a visit to Norway. The King visited Oslo and went all the way up to North Cape. In Oslo His Majesty stayed at the palace with King Haakon, Queen Maud and Crown Prince Olav.

In 1997 a commemorative medal was produced to mark the 90th anniversary of the visit. The obverse depicts the portrait of King Chulalongkorn and King Haakon and the reverse shows King Chulalongkorn standing with his entourage around the large rock at North Cape on which he had engraved his name to commemorate his visit.

Today the rock can be seen at the Thai Museum at North Cape. The medal was produced in collaboration between the Royal Thai Mint and the Royal Norwegian Mint. At the Eur-Seree auction, one large 42 mm silver medal is offered with a starting price of 7,000 Baht.

The banknote with the highest starting price of 600,000 Baht is a 1,000 Baht note produced by Thomas de la Rue & Company Limited, London. The note arrived in Thailand in 1952, but for various reasons was never put in circulation. The speculated reason is, probably that some thought a bank note with such a high denomination would lead to inflation. Out of the 500,000 notes printed about 100 were kept as samples. The rest were destroyed by incineration.


A very popular series of coins is the 2000 Millennium “Year of Dragon” coins. A 5 ounce 200 Baht coin produced by The Singapore Mint is also featured in the sale. On the obverse is the portrait of the HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej and on the reverse is a colourful design with dragons. The starting price is 70,000 Baht.