Pattaya massage parlors finally busy after 2-year dormancy

The masseuses at Nano Health Massage are very happy to be working again after 2 years of dormancy. The girls even boil eggs for Giuliano their Italian friend because he doesn’t like the ones sold in convenience stores.

After years of unemployment and being limited to massaging only feet, Pattaya’s massage parlors are bustling again.

Ubon, Jane and Srireuan, three masseuses at Nano Health Massage in Jomtien Beach, said it has been a long two years, but business finally seems to be getting back to normal.

While massage parlors were closed, they left Pattaya and went back to family farms to grow rice. Then, when parlors were allowed to reopen, they returned only to be limited to foot massages. Even then, there were only one or two customers a day, barely enough to survive.

Since May 1, however, business has increased week-by-week, with each woman getting three to five customers a day.

The masseuses are so happy to have customers, they’re going above and beyond, providing oddball services, such as boiling eggs for an Italian customer who doesn’t like the packaged hard-boiled eggs sold at convenience stores.