Pattaya hotels, restaurants full during Songkran

Taking advantage of the “We Travel Together” travel scheme, domestic tourists practically filled most of the Pattaya and Jomtien hotels during the Songkran holidays.

It was a happy Songkran for Pattaya hotel and restaurants operations, who saw a five-day business boom.

Former Pattaya Business & Tourism Association president Ekasit Ngampichet, whose family owns the Chezzotel Pattaya, said four- and five-star hotels in Pattaya were fully booked for Songkran, with travelers arriving on April 13-14 and extended their stays on a day-by-day basis.

Thais took advantage of the government’s “We Travel Together” subsidized-travel scheme, which ends in May. Ekasit said he hoped the government renews the program, as it boosts tourism.

Restaurateur Surajai Attanart said Songkran was a welcome respite from quiet times and hope people enjoyed their stays enough that they come back on the next long holiday.

Former PBTA president Ekasit Ngampichet said that he hopes the government will renew the “We Travel Together” program, as it boosts tourism.