Michael Brett crowned Pattaya Bunker Boys February golfer of the month

Dave Ashman, winner at Emerald.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf
Monday, February 28th
Emerald Golf Club
1st Dave Ashman (27) 39 points
2nd Paul Smith (4) 37 points
3rd John Hughes (22) 36 points
4th Jimmy Carr (19) 35 points
Near pins: Dave Ashman & Paul Smith X 2.

The winds of change that had been blowing through the Bunker recently turned into a tornado this weekend. The Bunker Boys have a history of changing their home at regular intervals and after three years at our current location, it was once again time for a change, although not of our choosing. Our new home is now “The Sports Lounge” on Soi Buakhao, previously the Chunky Monkey. Our new home offers a full-service restaurant with quality Thai and Farang food at reasonable prices, all manner of sports on various screens, and local beers at standard rates. In a central location and with fully renovated premises, it provides probably the best home the Bunker Boys have ever had. The change took place over the weekend so we are now fully established in our new home with all lockers located in an upstairs room free from any possible damage from monsoon storms as was the case in our previous home.

The last game of February was played at the Emerald course which was in average condition. The greens, in particular, were in less than desirable condition, and several had areas that were in very poor shape. Despite that, some very good scores were returned, none better than Dave Ashman who had a very respectable thirty-nine points in first place. As always, Paul Smith was in the frame taking second place with thirty-seven. The wily John Hughes off a dodgy twenty-two handicap took third place with thirty-six points (I feel a lawsuit coming on, may require the services of Dave Galvin). Jimmy Carr brought up the rear with thirty-five beating out Niall Glover and Tony Robbins on countback. Three of the four near pins were taken by Dave Ashman and two by Paul Smith.

In the chase for the golfer of the month Paul Smith and Alan Harris fought out the early rounds, but with Alan returning to the UK and Paul falling off the pace Michael Brett strung together a couple of good scores mid-month and set up a lead that was the chasers couldn’t run down and was duly crowned February golfer of the month.

Back at the bar, there was much bell ringing with the imminent departure of Keith Hemmings and Ken Davidson. Dave Ashman also got in the mood and rang the bell. We expect Keith to be back in a month accompanied by Roger Tuohy, so he will have some serious competition in the dress stakes. We are assured Keith is up to the challenge with some ensembles not yet seen.

Robby Watts & Peter Botswell, winning pair at Keysborough.

Wednesday, March 2nd
Pattaya Country Club
1st Kevin LeBar (13) 36 points
2nd Kob Glover (21) 35 points
3rd Neil Jones (24) 35 points
4th Bob Innes (28) 34 points
Near pins Kevin LeBar, Dave Ashman, Gez Williams, & Kob Glover.

The first game of a new month was played at Pattaya Country Club in less than ideal conditions. Just when it looked like we may have been lucky and escaped the threatening rain which had been with us all round, in the final holes it came down in buckets forcing a rain break on the sixteenth tee.

Playing off the blue tees, most found the course a bit of a struggle; however, a few did manage to return respectable scores. Top of the heap was Kevin LeBar who, with the assistance of an exceptional caddie, took pride of place with thirty-six points. Kob Glover had another of her regular solid rounds taking second place a stroke back. As ever the consistent Mr. Jones took third beating Bob Innes on countback. Near pins went to Kevin LeBar, Dave Ashman, Gez Williams, and as usual, Kob Glover who on the last par three almost got a hole-in-one for the second game in a row at the same hole; remarkable consistency.

Further afield in Australia, two Bunker Boys, Robby Watts and Peter Botswell, took out the pairs team prize at their local Keysborough Club in Melbourne in their Annual Club Competition. Well done boys, keep the Bunker Boys flag flying.

Gez Williams, winner at Bangpra.

Friday, March 4th
Bangpra Golf Course
1st Gez Williams (12) 41 points
2nd Paul Smith (4) 38 points
3rd Bob Innes (28) 36 points
4th John Hughes (23) 33 points
Near pins Neil Griffin, Jimmy Carr, Paul Smith & Michael Brett.

Twelve hundred and fifty baht using PSC vouchers was a reasonable rate for today’s game at Bangpra. The course was one of the most crowded of any course we have experienced for a long time, yet surprisingly we got away on time and had no delays anywhere. No complaints about the quality of the course either which as usual was in nice condition. A field of seventeen was a reasonable turnout with a couple of locals taking the day off.

Many people find Bangpra a difficult course; however, those at the top of the leaderboard didn’t seem to have any problems. An outstanding round of forty-one off a twelve handicap saw Gez Williams take first place. With three scores this week all thirty-seven or over Paul Smith is in sparkling form lately and took second place with thirty-eight points. One feels another golfer of the month already trophy heading his way.

Bob Innes continues to improve with every round and lower his handicap. Today he took third place with a fine round of thirty-six whilst John Hughes brought up the tail with thirty-three. It has to be noted his handicap is going in the wrong direction again. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Neil Griffin, Jimmy Carr, Paul Smith, and Michael Brett.

Today we bade farewell to yet another visitor with Neil Jones returning to the UK on a late-night flight, not before he rung out every last minute of his time in Pattaya before departing. We expect to see him back again around October.

Three big scores this week for Paul Smith.