Downsized Pattaya Kite Festival lifts off

120 kites of all shapes and sizes on display on the beach opposite the Royal Garden Plaza.

Before fireworks lit up the night in Pattaya, kites brightened the daytime sky.

The second, albeit smaller, Pattaya Kite Festival lifted off Nov. 26-28 on Pattaya Beach opposite Royal Garden Plaza.

About 120 multicolored kites in all different shapes and sizes took to the sky in the shape of squid, bears dragons and more.

The event follows the inaugural April 9-19 festival that featured 300 kites, a Guinness world record breaker and booths for instruction and sales.

The Pattaya Kite Festival coincides with the Pattaya Fireworks Festival and the Indian Diwali Festival held at the Royal Garden Plaza.