Aussie weight-loss company chooses Thailand as manufacturing base


Australian weight-loss product marketer McSlim’s Health Products has chosen Thailand as its international manufacturing base.

The maker of specialized plates to enforce dieting and portion control selected Bangkok Melamine Marketing and Holding Co. as the main producer of its products.

McSlim owner Carmen McMillen said the Australian producer had no concerns about the current political problems in Thailand.

“Despite the past and current political unrest, the kingdom’s economy has continued to expand,” she said. “My team is confident that Thailand will continue this legacy, so we have decided to maintain our production base in Bangkok.”

Carmen McMillen visits the Bangkok factory.Carmen McMillen visits the Bangkok factory.

“Thailand was the ideal manufacturing center for our designs for many reasons,” she said. “The standard of production and service in the nation is first-class, production costs are extremely competitive and the country is also famous for its healthy food and slim people.”

McMillen and her husband split time between Australia, Dubai, Thailand and Romania.

Thailand’s Mrs. World 2013 contestant Wanphen Chaikomrong says, “Using my ‘Miss Slim & Sexy’ plate helped me flatten my tummy, got me in the right shape and gave me confidence...”Thailand’s Mrs. World 2013 contestant Wanphen Chaikomrong says, “Using my ‘Miss Slim & Sexy’ plate helped me flatten my tummy, got me in the right shape and gave me confidence…”

Based in Orange, New South Wales, McSlim Australia produces and sells to hospitals worldwide its intelligent-slimming solution, diet portion plates, which promote a simple solution to healthy eating. The company claims the diet plates are now recommended globally by doctors, endocrinologists and weight-loss consultants to help maximize fast weight loss.

“Weight loss, has been a major focus for the health care industry for the last few years,” McMillen said. “It is growing at 4 percent above GDP and weight-loss care is slated to grow even faster to 6 percent.”

McSlim’s Australia says it has had such a strong demand from hospitals globally that it intends to expand production and distribution in supermarkets by 2014.

Claimed to be used by more than a million people worldwide, the colorful plates have been designed to help physically and psychologically support overweight men, women, teens and diabetes sufferers by showing them how to eat the correct portions of food.

When creator, former international model and businesswoman, McMillen joined the global fight against diabetes and obesity she created four designs that make eating a healthy meal both fun and rewarding.

The plates have happy names and fun designs that include “Miss Slim & Sexy,” “Mr. Slim & Sexy,” “Slim ‘n Sexy Mama” and “Next Top Model.”

Within Thailand the first major order came from Saint Louis Hospital which is utilizing the plates in its acclaimed dieting programs.

“Our clients love the plates,” said Dr. Wichai Hongcharu. “The fun and inexpensive designs make people happier about controlling their food and calorie intake. They also make wonderful feel-good gifts.”

Thailand celebrities have also rushed to buy the plates, among them, Wanphen Chaikomrong, Thailand’s entrant in the Mrs. World 2013 competition recently held in China.

“Using my “Miss Slim & Sexy” plate helped me flatten my tummy, got me in the right shape and gave me the confidence to compete in the Mrs. World competition,” said Chaikomrong. She took home the Miss Geniality title.

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