Aisawan Spa – true relaxation & a heaven on earth


After the first spa visit published in a recent edition of Pattaya Mail there was some great feedback from the readers.  This issue I was honored to visit the Aisawan Spa at Pullman Pattaya Hotel G.  First off I need to say that, personally, I like simplicity as anything that is too fussy is more likely to cause me uneasiness rather than relaxation, but the host insisted and told me many times to try out the experience at the spa so I made my visit last week on a Tuesday evening.

Aisawan Spa is a Thai contemporary style center of massage therapy for health and beauty using a holistic approach.  It’s located near the sea and easy to find car parking close by.  The spa was distinctly separate from the hotel and there are many private alcoves prepared for those who want to be close to nature and enjoy the sunset scenery.  When added to the delicious servings of stevia herbal drinks, it encouraged me to want to tryout the massage all the more eagerly.

Serenity Sense - 8 Hands Massage.Serenity Sense – 8 Hands Massage.

Aisawan Spa provides exquisite facilities with traditional Thai VIP massage and treatment rooms.  The spa also takes pride in using only the finest of natural products and boasts a dedicated team of highly skilled therapists.  The luxurious treatment rooms exude serenity and the idyllic outdoor spa villas, set between pristine lotus ponds and spanned by natural wooden walkways, each allow guests to experience the very essence of nature.  Revel in the fresh, clean air as it flows in from the ocean, while enjoying the perfect touch of a soothing massage.  Speaking to all of the senses, the spa journey at Aisawan Spa is guaranteed to be a truly sensual one.

One of the beautiful spa villas.One of the beautiful spa villas.

On the way to the lounge, which is a pavilion that stands serenely next to a lotus pond, I was greatly impressed with the décor and layout that answers the needs of clients who want real privacy.  The therapists provided me new clothing and towels to change after showering before going into the stream room, which was decorated simply but filled with a pleasant herbal aroma that really opens the airways and helps one to breathe.

Margy’s Monte-Carlo products used at Aisawan Spa.Margy’s Monte-Carlo products used at Aisawan Spa.

Then I was invited into a room with a large, polished stone bathtub in the center; the surroundings made me feel like I was entering into a place in the Renaissance time.  In addition to bathing in milk, which makes the skin feel so smooth, you can also choose to have various kinds of herbal enrichment, or moisturizer mud from Canada, all to your preference.  The atmosphere and the water jet that massaged my back made me feel very relaxed, if only I could sip a glass of wine too, there would be nothing like it!

Aisawan Spa received top recognition at the Spa Awards 2013.Aisawan Spa received top recognition at the Spa Awards 2013.

After 15 minutes in the milk-bath I showered again before having my massage, which was the spa’s signature massage called the ‘Serenity Sense – 8 hands massage’, a popular treatment that utilizes as many as four therapists, massaging both me and my husband at the same time.  I confess this made me a little nervous at first as I have never had this many therapists massaging me before and many questions ran through my head at once about the simultaneous balancing pressure of the massage.

A bird’s eye view of the Aisawan Spa.A bird’s eye view of the Aisawan Spa.

The therapists were paired standing facing each other and gave me a Swedish aroma style massage.  After the first 30 minutes passed by I had no doubts left as the massage was so simultaneous and perfectly in balance that I could hardly distinguish the different hands.

The therapists work in rhythm, not only a giving a relaxing oil massage but also using Swedish massage therapy techniques that involve kneading, vibration, rhythmic tapping and long sweeping strokes.  The therapists concentrated on massaging the most used muscles, alternating between firm and light pressure.  I felt as if my muscles were actually exercising and I thought to myself that this package, which was specially designed for a couple for Valentine’s Day, was also good for anyone who wanted to indulge themselves after a tiring, long day at work.

Yoga by the sea.Yoga by the sea.

Being close to the sea, and with its picturesque surroundings, treatments at Aisawan Spa are accompanied with a nice sea breeze and the soothing sounds of the waves plus stunning sunset scenery.  When combined with a splendid rhythmic massage, it makes you feel as if you were almost drifting in heaven.

Of the range of treatments offered here, in particular I would like to recommend the Aisawan Collagen Facial Mask Program for everyone that wants to restore a balanced, youthful looking skin condition.  I tried it myself and could really feel the nutritious cream absorb into my skin when it was meticulously massaged on my face and neck.  The spa specially imports Margy’s Monte-Carlo products, a popular brand from Monaco that is very effective in moisturizing dehydrated skin and rebuilding skin elasticity with collagen.

For our readers who want to try a new experience of massaging, I highly recommend the ‘Serenity Sense – 8 hands massage’, special rate only 5,000 baht net (regular price is 7,650 baht).  A small price for the gift of joyful indulgence and spiritual renewal, shared together, just as it should be.  There is also a 25% discount for other spa treatments and packages when booked for 09:00 am to 1:00 pm.  These special offers run until mid-March.  Additionally, Aisawan Spa also offers a special discounted Yoga program and free activities for kids when booking a family room at the Pullman Pattaya G hotel.

The luxurious treatment areas are set between pristine lotus ponds and spanned by natural wooden walkways.The luxurious treatment areas are set between pristine lotus ponds and spanned by natural wooden walkways.

They say that behind each delicious dish is an experienced chef, but for a spa it is a manager’s responsibility, so two thumbs up for Panisa Tisso who designed, created and manages the spa.  She pays special attention to her therapists by using a meditation program to promote their unison in working together effectively.

The spa quality here is guaranteed with honors from the Spa Awards 2013, including 1 gold medal for Swedish massage and silver medals for traditional Thai massage, spa decoration and herbal drinks.  The author wanted to put a big asterisk mark next to the massage quality of the spa’s therapists, that it is truly remarkable!

Aisawan Spa opens daily, 9:00am – 10:00pm.  For more information and spa treatment reservations, call 038 411 940 ext. 6 or email [email protected]

Note: Rungratree Thongsai graduated from the Taralai Thai Massage School with professional qualifications in Spa Management, Thai Traditional Massage, Original Western Technical Massage, Reflexology Foot Massage, Aromatherapy Swedish Style Massage, Body Spa, Body Lift-Up, and Business Management of Thai Massage. She also holds a professional spa certificate from the Ministry of Health and a Spa for Health operator’s license.