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We are back again with another spa review during a period of hot weather that many people might be finding rather difficult to cope with.  The extreme temperatures can easily dehydrate our bodies and cause us to be in foul moods, so people look for many different ways to try and cool down, whether that being going for a swim, just staying in an air-conditioned room at home or even taking a trip abroad to a cooler climate.

This issue, Pattaya Mail will introduce you to another way to cool down with the therapies offered at the Breeze Spa.  There are 7 branches of Breeze Spa across Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui and Hua Hin) and one in Doha, Qatar.  In Pattaya, the Breeze Spa is located on the fourth floor of the Ocean Tower of the Amari Orchid Resort in north Pattaya.

Welcome refreshments.Welcome refreshments.

The Breeze Spa in Pattaya is decorated simply and tastefully and provides moderate guest room space overlooking the resort’s swimming pool.  Its atmosphere and color tone resemble old-fashioned spas but more important than the decoration is the menu of quality treatments on offer that caters to the needs of visitors.

Khun Wan (center) and her team.Khun Wan (center) and her team.

The signature Mood Massage was the first choice recommended to me by Breeze Spa Manager, Thantawan Wanhom.  Customers can choose from Dreamy, Serene, Rejuvenated, Invigorated or Energized massages with accompanying aroma oil, depending on what mood they are in, or want to get into.

Breeze Spa also offers a Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub, a special recipe using coconut shell beads in a scrub cream that gives off a sweet scent of mango.  The cream is then mixed with coconut milk before being applied during the massage.  It is a combination of such delicious ingredients that sounds more appetizing as a breakfast combination that something to be scrubbed with.

Reception area.

Breeze Spa utilizes the Comfort Zone products from Italy to treat dehydrated and sensitive skin in facial treatments and uses its own products under the Breeze brand for body treatments.  If you are looking for body care products to use at home, Panpuri brand is another interesting choice for you to try.

The Breeze Spa also offer spa, manicure and pedicure services for men as well as depilatory and waxing treatments using Lycon products from Australia.  The Spa has 9 rooms; 1 exclusive room that is spacious, modern and well equipped with a sauna room, Jacuzzi bathtub and massage beds for a couple, 2 double rooms and another 6 single rooms.

Treatment room.

The skills of the therapists at any spa cannot be overlooked.  Khun Wan, the top therapist and the therapist trainer at Breeze, took care to give me a massage herself and the Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub that she applied certainly did not disappoint.  The scrub cream and the coconut milk were meticulously massaged on every square inch of my skin, alternating with pressure on various spots to unlock tension deep within muscle tissues.  I enjoyed the lovely scent of mango and coconut and felt my skin softening and rehydrating.

Herbs used in the various treatments.

I then took a shower before having the signature Mood Massage.  I chose to have the Relaxing mood and it was an aroma massage that was continuously flowing from top to toe without interruption and took all the stress out of my tired muscles.  It certainly left me feeling relaxed, as its name implies.

Attentive spa staff prepare guests for a treatment.Attentive spa staff prepare guests for a treatment.

Next up was the Glorious Skin Lifting Perfect treatment, starting with a deep facial cleansing and massage to stimulate the skin, and then followed by the application of a Comfort Zone face mask which allows nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.  The mask felt cool, giving a fresh sensation, and was accompanied by a head and shoulder massage that was also very relaxing.  The result was impressive as I noticed my face was brightened and also felt the skin had tightened and firmed after the treatment.

Products used at Breeze Spa.Products used at Breeze Spa.

For anyone wishing to try out these wonderful experiences, the Breeze Spa offers reasonable deals on all its treatments.  Examples of prices are: Signature Mood Massage 1,600 baht/1 hour, Mango Sticky Rice Body Scrub 1,650 baht/45 minutes, Glorious Skin Lifting Perfect 3,500 baht/1 hour & 15 minutes and special packages on the 90 minutes massages, 10 coupons for 14,000 baht (normally 24,000 baht).  There is also a special offer for readers of this column; Breeze Spa will give a 20% discount on all treatments if you quote Pattaya Mail when making your booking.

Breeze Spa is open from 10.00am – 10.00pm.  For more information call 038 418 418 or email: [email protected] breeze-spa.com or visit: www.breeze-spa.com.

Thantawan Wanhom, Spa Manager.Thantawan Wanhom, Spa Manager.

A totally relaxing experience.A totally relaxing experience.

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Rungratree Thongsai graduated from the Taralai Thai Massage School with professional qualifications in Spa Management, Thai Traditional Massage, Original Western Technical Massage, Reflexology Foot Massage, Aromatherapy Swedish Style Massage, Body Spa, Body Lift-Up, and Business Management of Thai Massage. She also holds a professional spa certificate from the Ministry of Health and a Spa for Health operator’s license.