Grapevine: November 20, 2020


Just for clarification

You will see posters all over town to publicize the local elections scheduled for December 20. They are almost all in the Thai language only which is sensible. However, some farang believe that the position of Pattaya mayor is up for grabs. No not at this time. The elections are for Chonburi province in the upcoming provincial administrative organisations (PAO). According to polls, 80 percent of voters will visit the booths. Wait and see.

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Chewing on best breakfasts

Facebook groups have gone overboard in recent weeks lobbying for various eateries offering the best “full English.” Popular choices are Nicky’s, Bake and Brew and Retox Game On. Some cheating though. The greasy delight recommended by some at Jomtien Sauna Temple is a huge and juicy burger for 249 baht. But no sausages, baked beans or a fried tomato? Sorry that’s not a “full English.” Not even half of one.


No driving or walking

The Jomtien road repairs to install flood-free pipes have made both traffic and pedestrian traffic a nightmare at the intersection of the Thappraya and Jomtien Two Roads. Even those on foot are having a hard time working out how to maneuver the impediments, holes, tractors and concrete blocks. There have been many attempts over the years to provide anti-flood security on that area. Let’s hope this is the final and not another teams event.


Beware airline publicity

UK correspondents say that they are receiving emails offering flights to Thailand at bargain prices. This has given the impression to some punters that you can fly from London with only a passport and an air ticket. Not so, as you need a certificate of entry from the Thai embassy. Also you need to be in an approved visitor category. It’s impossible for wannabe UK leisure tourists thanks to the second infection wave.


Covid-19 is helping the movie industry

The first essential of a good horror film is isolation: cabin in the woods, empty motel, middle of a stretch of water. Isolation is also part of the rules to avoid picking up the virus. Can’t be a coincidence that pandemics and mass deaths are now bread and butter to movie moguls. Three of the latest screamers are She Dies Tomorrow, Amulet, and Relic are in the cinemas right now. Or wait for the DVD.

The secret pickle eater

Witnessed by a concerned reader at Villa market. The man in front of her had a basket solely containing ten jars of Hayward’s picked onions. Being imported items from UK, they are not cheap (around 250 baht each), although tangy-taste fanatics will tell you they are the best brand. Our concerned reader plucked up the courage to ask him why so many. His reply was, “I’m on a diet.” Don’t tell Dr Iain.

Is Kim Jong-un now fagless?

The dictator of North Korea loves his ciggies, not withstanding the fact that his father and grandfather are believed to have had weed-induced diseases. So it was something of a surprise to discover that smoking has been banned in public areas of the hermit kingdom including libraries, parks, offices, cinemas and bus stations. Well, anyway, bus stations pose no problem for Dear Leader as he rarely uses public transport. Actually never.


Ali Baba discount still 30%

For lovers of Indian food, the Ali Baba in Pattaya Klang is a steal. The menu is far richer and more diversified than any other in town and many of their offerings are unique in a luxurious setting. It’s an ideal time to pay Ali Baba a visit as there is still a 30 percent discount across the board, including alcoholic beverages of all kinds. A bonus for some is that the staff understand that the terms vegetarian and vegan are not the same.

Covid-19 and the environment

It’s true that the pandemic has reduced global oil production, whilst the natural world has benefitted from fewer members of the human race trampling all over the place. On the other hand, now that people are preferring to use food delivery services, the use of plastic has risen by thousands of percent. Makes the ban on plastic bag in Pattaya supermarkets look rather tame.