“Unintentionally, Disabled: an Exhibition by Pansa Puttaraksa”


Creative artwork is another means in which socio-political ideas, emotions, and meanings are symbolically depicted.

Renowned artist and lecturer, Pansa Puttaraksa from Thailand’s renowned artistic-hub, Silapakorn University,

captures Thailand’s recent violent-induced incidents through vibrant displays on canvass.

Firmly insisting that the current information-age has made viewers “unintentionally disabled” by offering countless ways to gain and receive information, Pansa posits that the viewer’s analytical skills have sharply declined.

Therefore, with a drive to inspire exhibition-goers to actively recall and learn from violence-related incidents that

they may associate with in the past, it is with good intention that this display of creative pieces will inspire others to take their own stands.

“I’m opened to all kinds of interpretations. There is no need for viewers to hear my own justifications, yet, I’d appreciate it if they would interpret my artwork based on their own experiences,” Pansa said.

This exhibition entitled “Prakot-Pikarn” or perhaps translated as “unintentionally disabled” is showcased from

today until the 25th of November 2012 at the DOB Gallery in the Hua Lam Pong area of Bangkok.