Thai Garden Resort celebrates 25 glorious years in Pattaya


It is hard to imagine that the Thai Garden Resort is now 25 years old in Pattaya.

The Thai Garden Resort has clung to its principles in being a family resort and prides itself for pleasant service and delicious food. Anyone who has eaten at the Thai Garden’s buffet evenings will attest to that!

GM Rene Pisters and wife Ploy were the hosts for the Silver anniversary celebration on April 6, with Rene taking the multitude of guests through the 25 year development with an interesting audio-visual presentation, including just how the indoor pool turned into a massive outdoor free-form pool in just 120 days.

In his speech to the large gathering of guests, Rene said, “It’s hard to imagine that Pattaya was once a sleepy fishing village, with little in the way of buildings and infrastructure. It came to the attention of foreigners when the US servicemen stopped off here on their R&R, but it certainly had a special charm.

“In 1987 Pattaya was starting to grow and so did we. Construction started on the outdoor pool, the office building and the rooms.”

Rene spoke of further developments saying, “The Thai Garden was keen to move with the times and in 2008 we decided it was time for a major overhaul. The diggers moved in and both the in- and outdoor pools were removed to make way for what would become a magnificent centerpiece.”

The construction team worked tirelessly around the clock and it took just 4 months to create the splendid 63 meters long lagoon pool.

“The main building was replaced with a new one. Architects painstakingly designed it to reflect Thailand’s rich culture and tradition. This phase would be the start of the next chapter of Thai Garden Resort.”

Rene spoke optimistically of the future, “Over the past few decades Pattaya has transformed into a glorious seaside resort with first class shopping and its ever thriving nightlife, and the Thai Garden has kept pace with the growing number of tourists who choose to come to this beautiful and vibrant city.

“We have revamped every area of the Thai Garden and sought to satisfy the needs of our guests – we have also embraced new technologies to ensure that the Thai Garden is a truly green environment, not just in terms of its lavish vegetation but also in our eco-friendly operations. The results are clear to see and that is why our guests come back, time and time again.

“The Thai Garden Resort has grown with the times and we are now a proud 4 star resort in the heart of the city. This would not have been possible without your support over the years but also with the support from all our 160 team members who are here to ensure that our clients arrive as guests and depart as friends of the Thai Garden family.

“We are very proud of the legacy of the Thai Garden Resort in an industry that is quick to suffer from economic instabilities but through your continued support we have been able to make the Thai Garden into the delightful resort it is today.”

All throughout the party, musical entertainment was provided by the Moon River Pub Power Jam band.

With the libations and snacks set up in stations around the pool, there were smiles all round and the only disappointment was on leaving.  As many of us that will still be here – we look forward to the half century, Rene.  (We’ll try and be there, if you will!)