Pattaya Sports Club lends a hand to Bahn Pak Rak Puen Home


Not too many years ago we heard the voice of doom when the subject of HIV was raised. Thankfully, that has now changed and with the development of new medication, those with HIV can live a near normal life and look forward to have many years ahead of them.

Tucked away along an unmade Soi near Mabprachan, Rak Puen had 14 residents, the youngest being 23 years, living with HIV or TB. Two rooms were all they had and, as you can imagine, the conditions were very cramped.

That was 18 months ago. They were then told they had to vacate the premises and 12 months ago they were fortunate enough to find 2 small houses in a nearby neighbourhood and now have 20 residents.

The additional expenditure has put added pressure on their finances and they always need help buying everyday necessities like rice, noodles, oyster sauce and other items.

Pattaya Sports Club, never slow helping those that need help, has agreed to purchase many items that most of us take for granted, like shampoo, skin cream, and soap, in addition to rice and noodles.

Despite all the problems that exist, they still smile and cannot thank PSC enough for their generosity.

If anyone would like to contribute to Rak Puen, please contact Pattaya Sports Club 038361167.