Pattaya Sports Club charity update


Every year Pattaya Sports Club have regular commitments to fulfill and this was the activity that occupied our time this week. It started with a visit to the Fr. Ray Foundation to present them with funds to continue their medical scheme for all the children wishing to enter the loving care of Fr. Ray, which amounts to approximately 80/100 per year.

A special arrangement with the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, at a particularly excellent rate, enables each child to have a thorough examination to determine where, in the organisation, they should be placed. If there is a problem that needs attention, a visit to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya or Banglamung Hospital will, hopefully, solve the problem.

The handicapped need a lot of help.The handicapped need a lot of help.

The Fr. Ray foundation, in concert with all charities that receive funds from abroad, are not immune from the vagaries of the currency markets and have found their income being diminished by the worldwide financial crises and the strength of the baht against major currencies amounting to an almost 40% reduction in these overseas donations.

A further visit this week to the Nongprue Municipality to hand over a donation to allow 2 young ladies who live with their grandparents, their parents having died some years ago, in a small hut along Nernplabwan to continue their education. Their grandmother is unable to leave the home due to a disability and their grandfather is a cleaner in a local office block. Education for children is very expensive and, although some help is given by the government, this is not sufficient and every parent in Thailand must make a substantial contribution to the overall funding of each child.

Receiving the right vitamins and protein are vital.Receiving the right vitamins and protein are vital.

In addition, a regular visit was made to the Town Hall to present fortified milk, pampers, eggs and a special rice drink to handicap people, some severely handicapped, that provides the disabled with most of the vitamins and proteins that the body needs.

As usual the Nongprue mayor, deputy mayor and members of staff make the effort, on every occasion, to thank Pattaya Sports Club for their generosity.

Help is always needed and appreciated by the recipient so if you feel you would like to make a contribution but do not know how, please contact me on 0861522754, or pop into the PSC office for help.

Some children are severely handicapped.Some children are severely handicapped.

Father Dennis accepts the money from PSC.Father Dennis accepts the money from PSC.