Pattaya Sports Club and Jesters improve the facilities


A significant event occurred in Pattaya in 2002, which was the opening of the Fountain of Life Centre for Children just off 3rd Road, run by the Good Shepherd Sisters. Although the Fountain of Life had an active life well before that date, the new building offered so many more opportunities to help children in need. Jesters Care for Kids have been a big supporter of this centre for many years, but other groups have also contributed financially or helped in many varied ways.

Many families come to Pattaya from all over Thailand but, particularly, from the north seeking opportunities for a better life, but they find the streets are not paved with gold and they have to resort to living in slum conditions, to resort to scavenging, becoming street vendors or whatever it is that can bring a small income. But what happens to the children? In addition, there are also children that run away from home, become street kids, suffer abuse or are victims of trafficking. Very often they do not have identification and, therefore, cannot attend school or receive medical assistance.

Sister Jiemjit.Sister Jiemjit.

The Fountain Of Life do everything they can and collect children, from all over the city, take care of them for the day providing them with an education, medical help, a daily nutritious meal and endeavour to obtain official documents, which is never easy, before returning them home at the end of the day.

William and Woody cut the ribbon.William and Woody cut the ribbon.

Sister Joan, 80 years young, is the recognizable face of the centre. Having come to Pattaya from Ireland via many other countries filling her passport with stamps and visas over her many years of service to the Good Shepherd movement.

Pattaya Sports Club and Jesters were asked to visit the centre recently for, with 100 plus children on a daily basis, the toilet arrangements were somewhat outdated. With only 3 toilets there was always a queue for their use and there was an urgent requirement for more and repairs to the existing system. Hence the visit by William and Woody.

Sister Joan says thank you to PSC and Jesters.Sister Joan says thank you to PSC and Jesters.

Fortunately, there was an area alongside the building which was ideal for more development. Another joint venture between Pattaya Sports Club and Jesters ensured that new toilets were built, the boys using the external toilets and the girls using the internal toilets.

The boys could not contain their curiosity.The boys could not contain their curiosity.

Their Christmas Party was held on December 18th which coincided nicely with the official opening.  Many boys wanted to be the first to use the new toilet facilities. The party was a great success with children performing the Nativity, singing Christmas Carols and showing their skills at all forms of dancing which delighted the many guests to the days event. When you leave the centre, everyone is aware that the children are happy and look forward to their day spent at the Fountain of Life.

If you would like to make a donation to the Fountain of Life, please contact William on 0861522754 or Woody on 0813444680.

The area before the construction.The area before the construction.