Orchids galore


While the male residents at the Father Ray Children’s Home are learning to take care of a variety of animals, all of which are being used to provide a more nutritious diet, the female residents are also learning new skills, but at a slower and more delicate pace.

A new project at the Children’s Home will see the girls taking care of a variety of orchids. From the early stage of growth the girls will nurture the flowers until ready to be sold at market.

The young girls are enjoying learning new skills The young girls are enjoying learning new skills

Orchids come in thousands of different varieties, and being native to Thailand they are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of purchasing these beautiful flowers in Europe or North America.

Once the flowers at the Home have matured they will be sold at market and the profits will go to purchase smaller flowers which will in turn be grown for sale.

The aim of a project such as this is the same as that behind the new chicken house, the fish tanks, mushroom houses and fruit and vegetable gardens is threefold; to provide the children with new skills in farming, for the Children’s Home to become more self sufficient and to teach the children business skills.

More information can be found at www.fr-ray.org or email [email protected]