New-fuelled Inspirations for Tony Jaa


Martial arts and self-protection skills, comes with an image of strength, power and masculinity. Yet, little is known about the softer artistic-side of Thai-styled martial arts.

Tony Jaa also known as ‘Ja Panom’ or Tajjakorn Yeerum, is the Thai artist knows best, as he is now showing his imaginative-side ahead of both Thai and international graffiti artists.

Likewise with any type of artist, beneath the image of strength and power lies a malleable creative-side, which motivates and fuels original works to be produced. One of these includes the exhibition of Thai martial arts, a source of pride for all Thais.

“I’m confident that I am not the only person who can showcase the beautiful and artistic side of Thai boxing. I am just one example, but all Thais have a sense of Thai-ness instilled in them, it just depends on how you choose to individually bring it out. Being an artist is one way, being an actor is another. Today, I’ve chosen to do so through an exhibition of artwork and performing martial arts,” he said.

Sources of inspiration are an essential part of any artist’s life. Whether a graffiti artist, an impressionist painter, a sculptor – or a martial arts fighter, sources of inspiration drives imagination.

Ja Panom’s latest inspiration is his daughter Nong Jom Kwan who to him is a fountain of life: with her youth, gentleness, and endless energy. And, above all, she is the reason that motivated the action-star Ja Panom to return to the big screen once again, to do what he does best.

“My life has moved on to a new step, with the focus now on learning more about giving and compassion. My daughter, wife, mother – and family in general, are the sources of this new-fuelled inspiration,” he said.

Amidst the rapid changes in contemporary world affairs, a few things remain constant. One of this is the united sense of pride and happiness in showcasing the artistic-side of Thai arts and crafts.

A glimpse of Thailand’s greatness in arts can be experienced at the “7 Pride of the Nations: Tony Jaa Exhibition”, held at the Artery Gallery Silom Soi 19. Take a visit to this special event, to find new sources of inspiration, starting from today until the 27th of October 2012.