Jesters Care For Kids Children’s Fair this weekend


Jesters 2016



Jesters Care for Kids 2016 Charity Drive Stall Listing

Stall Stall Name Stall Activity
1-2 Thai Food Somtam, BBQ  Pork And Sticky Rice,
Chinese Soup, Chicken and Rice
3 Blue Moose Sports Bar Food and Drinks
4 Women With A Mission Sausage Sizzle, Food , Water,
Soft Drinks
5 The London Pie Selling And Cooking Pies, Pasties and
Sausage Rolls
6 Pie Shop Bakery Sales, Pies
7 Mediterranean Resort Food and Drinks
8 Mediterranean Resort Food and Drinks
9 JD’s BBQ Jamacian Jerk Recipes
10 MJ’s Smokehouse Home Smoked Food Products.
Imported Japanese Candies
11 MJ’s Smokehouse Home Smoked Food Products.
Imported Japanese Candies
12 Ticino Restaurant and Vespa Bar Pizza Made on Site
13 Event Shirt Sales Event Shirt Sales
14 Bodhi Creations Jewellery Sales
15 Jester Wear Jester Shirt Sales
16-20 Jesters Beer Garden Donated Beer for Sale
21 VFW Banchang Promotion of VFW
22 Sinto Pattaya Food and Drinks
23 Termite Tech Pest Control
24-25 Royal British Legion Sale of small RBL items
26 Just Be Jewelry Fine Silver and Gold Jewels
27 Ma Provence Marseille Soaps BIO’ Extrait
Of Lavender
28-29 FOL Foot Massage Foot Massage
30 Patricias Homemade Bottled Homemade products and
Perishable ready to Eat Products
31 Phu Luang Porcelain, Ceramic and Cotton Goods
32 ELSEWHERE Yoga Wear
33 Nina Heyer Bags Handbags and Leather Accessories
34 Health Food Shop Organic and Natural Food,
Kefir Products, Drinks
35 Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Promoting Rotary Activities
for Children
36 Mermaids Dive Center Scuba Diving
37 Yacht Charters and Golf Promoting and Selling Products
Stall Stall Name Stall Activity
38 Pattaya Pickles Pickle Sampling
39-40 No Knew Books Used Books for Sale
41 TruMove Promotions Promotions
42-43 Pattaya Mail Promotion
44 CFK Prize Storage Care for Kids  Games Prizes
45 The Party Shop Party Supplies
46 Regents Marketing Regents Marketing
47 Regents Marketing School Activities
48 ST Trading Thai Handmade Handicrafts
and Gift Items
49 Amari Hotel Childrens Games
50 Take Care Kids Thailand Used Clothingfor Sale
51 Gala Party and Raffle Gala Party Night Ticket Sales
52 Garden International School School Activities
53 Rayong English Programme Painting and Making Badges
54 Pattaya 1 Hospital Free Blood Pressure Testing
55 SALA Stainless Steel Bracelets and Gifts
56 Broadgate Securities Financial Services
57 Creepy Crawly Pest Conrol Pest Control
58 Kombat Group Thailand Muay Thai, Weight Loss
59 St. Andrews International School School Activities
60-61-62 School Activities School Activities
63 Ban Jing Jai School Activities
64 Hand To Hand School Activities
65 Mercy Pattaya Fishing Game
66 Friendship Bracelets Friendship Bracelets
67 Camillian Center Arts and Crafts
68 International School Chonburi School Activities
69 Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Amblance and First Aid
70 Plush Bakes Baked Goods, Gourmet Cupcakes,
Muffins, Fresh Waffles, Ice Cream,
Sandwiches, Coffee, Tea, Iced Drinks
71 Hospitality Tent Rest Area
72-73-74 School Activities School Activities
75-76 White Elephant Second Hand Goods on Sale
77 Rooney & Brownie Sell toys, towels and lucky draw.
78-80 School Activities School Activities
81-92 Children’s Games Children’s Games
93-94-95 FOL Chow Center Food for Project Children

Poster Children