Jesters and Pattaya Sports Club join forces to solve problem


Situated along the 331 close to the junction with the 332, Khao Bai Sri cares for children from the age of 6 that have various ailments which include Down’s Syndrome, Autism and others.

Boonchu Muangmaitong (Khun Chu) is a remarkable lady, some time ago she was so frustrated with the lack of help from the Education Authority that she gave a rai of land to them with the proviso that that it was to be used for the welfare of these children.

This is how it started.This is how it started.

Since then, she has persuaded the Thai Navy to help the school by building a sala whilst PTT have provided the base for the assembly area and extension to the existing building.

She now has 67 children, 40 of whom are there as day students, but the rest are resident at the centre. It has, therefore, been necessary to have various extensions built to house her ever growing responsibilities.

Pattaya Sports Club and in particular Jesters have come to their aid and have donated sufficient funds for various extensions to the existing building to be erected to make the funds go that little bit further. Their own maintenance men have, with a lot of imagination, completed the task providing a finish that we would all be proud of. Wooden boxes from the Laem Chabang Port have been sanded down, varnished and fixed to the walls which provides a fresh and, perhaps expensive, look to the rooms.

An elegant finish to the new rooms.An elegant finish to the new rooms.

Many of the children have creative abilities. To encourage them to utilise their skills and to add that personal touch, the children and staff have also been involved in painting the murals around the walls. It is important for the children to be active both physically and mentally and to do this the staff and children make the artificial flowers that you see in the picture, and these are sold at fairs and markets.

On August 18th, with many guests in attendance, the monks were invited to bless the new buildings and the children danced for the guests, but the thumbs up have already been given by the children.

Thai children just love to dance.Thai children just love to dance.

Thank you Jesters and Pattaya Sports Club.Thank you Jesters and Pattaya Sports Club.

The flowers are made by staff and children.The flowers are made by staff and children.

Khun Chu with PSC members William and Nigel.Khun Chu with PSC members William and Nigel.

The paintings are Khao Bi Sri originals.The paintings are Khao Bi Sri originals.