BCCT hosts another Joint Chamber meeting


The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) in collaboration with the American Chamber (AMCHAM), the Australian Chamber (AustCham), Belu-Thai, German Thai Chamber (GTCC), the Netherlands chamber (NTCC) and South African Chamber (SATCC) hosted a Joint Chambers Eastern Seaboard Networking Evening which was held in the Cape Dara Resort (Soi 20, Naklua).

This event was sponsored by Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts, Bromsgrove International School, Pernod Ricard and Cape Dara Resort itself.

At functions such as these, the name of the game is Pass the Business Card, study the one you have been given in exchange, then see if you can read it, and then file in the shirt pocket. If unable to be read, these can be used to chat up ladies of the night at one of Pattaya’s few beer bars.

Chris Thatcher, vice chairman of BCCT gave the welcoming speech during the monthly Joint Chambers Eastern Seaboard Network event at Cape Dara Pattaya.

Now to be serious, the business card is a wonderful opportunity to market your company’s product. A wonderful opportunity many chamber members are missing. What is the point of handing out cards with your name in such small print that it is rivaling that of insurance policies?

A favorite occupation is “sales executive”. So why not tell me on your business card just what it is that you are selling? You will convert cards to sales a lot quicker that way. Pornsuda (TIKI) Kurapool, the Managing Director of ‘Real X Gear’ sells Xtreme Cooling Towels. How do I know? It says so in large letters on one side of her card. Hits you fair between the eyes, and I hope you sell plenty of them Khun Tiki.

(L to R) Veeraphat Rojboonyakorn, director of sales and marketing-Cape Dara Resort Pattaya, Michael Andrews, Earl Brown, marcom manager at CEA Project Logistics, and Wanlop Pongruengtum, general manager of Cape Dara Resort Pattaya.

The Cape Dara people have corporate cards that are all very understated upper class. Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact you needed an X20 magnifying glass to be able to read the name on the card, and the function in the resort.

One of the business cards I found later in my pocket was from a lovely young lady called Ann. The card tells me she is a sales executive for the Sarens group. The card does have a small motto “Nothing too heavy, nothing too high”. I think this meant that she was neither overweight nor tall, and I am happy for her. Didn’t mean much else, Mr. Sarens. Sorry.

(L to R) Scott Finsten, Harbour Master Ocean Marina Yacht Club chats with Frank Holzer, Executive General Manager of MHG Thailand Co., Ltd.

One interesting card was from Sam Onwan, an American Thai, or Thai American, take your pick. A plastic ‘see-thru’ card that told me Sam was into Watersports Products, Marine supplies, Marine services and Yachting. An intelligent card.

Regulars probably don’t need business cards, like BCCT Chairman Simon Matthews easily spotted in a red floral shirt getting ready for Songkran, Chris Thatcher Vice Chairman of BCCT who wouldn’t start his address until the class stopped talking amongst themselves, Greg Watkins, Executive Director of the BCCT and honorary Seth Affrikken Graham Macdonald.

(L to R) Sam Onwan, marketing manager at Blue Seas Marine Asia, Mirna Rossma from St. Andrews International School Pattaya, Sarah de Beuckeleer, and Kelly Rolfe from Off Road Accessories.

The Automotive Focus Group always helps to swell the ranks with Frank Holzer, Executive General Manager of MHG and Armin Walter both seen chatting to Jerry Stewart who was trying (very successfully) to put both feet in his mouth.

The numbers were down for this joint networking, which is a shame as the food was excellent, likewise the beverages. Perhaps everyone was away getting new cards printed.

(L to R) Greg Watkins, Executive Director of BCCT chats with Clive N. Butcher, managing director of Highfield Equity Co., Ltd.

(L to R) Michael Andrews, Cranes and Equipment Asia, Prapawadee Phothiphrasiri, sales executive of Sarens (Thailand) Co., Ltd, and Earl Brown, marcom manager at CEA Project Logistics.

(L to R) John Hoermann, sales consultant at Coastal Real Estate and Hans Peter Hefner VEM Tooling Thailand.

(L to R) Peter Kuiper, Deputy CEO of Hanky Panky Toys (Thailand), Bert Cesar from NTCC, and Cees Algra.

Sponsors gather for a group photo during the Joint Chambers Networking event at Cape Dara Resort.