Two Chinese nabbed for stealing bags at Suvarnabhumi airport


Bangkok – Two Chinese tourists were arrested at Suvarnabhumi international airport as they were leaving Thailand with luggage stolen from other passengers.

Suvarnabhumi airport police apprehended Li Tze Yueng, 35, and Lou Jieying, 22, at the airport on Saturday (November 3) as they were waiting for their flight to Hong Kong.

Mr Li is a Canadian citizen of Chinese origin, while Ms Lou is Chinese from mainland China.

The arrest followed a complaint filed by an American with airport police. She said she could not find her travel bag after arriving in the Bangkok’s airport and waiting for the luggage at a conveyor belt for incoming passengers.

Police checked CCTV footages at the baggage claim area and other locations inside Suvarnabhumi and found the two suspects loading a number of bags on their carts before leaving the airport.

The owners of the luggage were contacted by police and they confirmed the bags found with the suspects were theirs, police added.

Police also took them to a hotel in Ratchathewi area to search their room and found more bags stolen from a Thai tourist returning to Thailand from South Korea.