PM’s visit to Germany a success


Bangkok – Minister of Foreign Affairs Don Poramudwinai said Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha’s visit to Germany on November 27 and 28 was a major success as he was well received by the country’s leaders and business sector. He remarked that despite the trip being brief, the PM was able to meet with Team Thailand, Thai business operators in Germany, and German entrepreneurs, and engage in worthwhile exchanges with them.

In his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the PM was able to discuss both political and economic matters and took time to assure her that a general election will take place in early 2019 in Thailand. Germany acknowledged that under Gen Prayut’s administration over the past four years, Thailand has enjoyed stability and been conducive to developing business relations.

On the Chancellor’s call for Thailand to transition to true democracy as soon as possible, Don explained that it did not indicate any major concerns.