PM receives artifacts as national treasure from individual donor


Bangkok – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha presided over the handover ceremony of 104 artifacts given to the authorities as a national treasure from an individual donor, Thammarit Jira

The PM said the government was delighted to receive the precious items which will be beneficial to archaeology and history studies, shedding light on the understanding of Thailand’s social development and the livelihood of ancestors, as well as creating academic and sentimental values.

The artifacts and artwork includes prehistoric items dating from 1,800-4,300 years ago, such as pottery, bronze tools, beauty accessories made of stones, glass, and seashells from archaeological sites in the central region, Ban Chiang cultural community in the northeastern region, and prehistoric items from Mun River Basin.

Thammarit said he and his father have been collecting artifacts to preserve Thailand’s cultural heritage. The items will come under the ownership and care of the Fine Arts Department.

The department will examine the artifacts and carry out a scientific conservation method, then store them in the central vault at the National Museum for future studies or exhibitions.