Heavy rains and strong winds damage homes nationwide


Nakhon Sawan – Heavy rain and hailstorms have wreaked havoc across the country, causing damage to homes and infrastructure in many places.

In Nakhon Sawan province, people in three communities in Mae Pern district are now forced to travel long distances to cross Pho Canal following the collapse of Tha Makrood Bridge which was caused by strong currents.  A bridge will be set up temporarily so that local residents can travel in and out of their communities.

In Khon Kaen province, more than 130 homes in Ban Non Charoen and Ban Huai Toey Communities have been damaged by strong winds that blew away roofs and knocked down power lines. Most residents were forced to take refuge elsewhere while some have had to endure power outages. Help is on the way.

In Songkhla province, fishermen in Ban Kao Leng Community have been busy fixing boats and spending time with their families as sea conditions are not ideal for any fishing activities. They may be able to return to the sea on Tuesday.

In Bueng Kan province, the temperature dropped over the weekend, and strong winds made it difficult for ferries to navigate the Mekong River. Local marine officials have asked all passengers to wear life vests while making their way across the river.