Fifth person infected with coronavirus found in Thailand


BANGKOK – A Chinese woman tourist from Wuhan province in China has been identified as the fifth person infected with coronavirus, and located in Thailand. She is now being treated at Rajvithi Hospital.

The four other patients of coronavirus found earlier in Thailand included two Chinese tourists who have already returned home. The other Chinese tourist is still hospitalized in Thailand and the other patient infected with coronavirus is a Thai national who had returned from a trip to Wuhan. The Ministry of Public Health has assured the Thai public that the new virus can be brought under control with strict scanning measures.

Deputy Public Health Minister SathitPitutecha visited the fifth person infected with coronavirus at Rajvithi Hospital on Thursday. The Chinese tourist had come from Wuhan with her seven-year-old daughter on Tuesday. She had a high fever and was immediately treated as a precaution, til she was finally confirmed after lab tests to be infected with the coronavirus.

However, members of the public can rest assured the authorities are keeping a close watch on the situation and have upgraded the alert level at which all public hospitals must be prepared to treat patients and prevent a spread of the new virus.

According to Disease Control Department Director General, DrSuwanchaiWattanayingcharoenchai the four other patients of coronavirus included two Chinese tourists who have fully recovered and returned home, another Chinese tourist who has been treated and has begun to recover at the Bamrasnaradura Institute and a Thai woman who has been treated and has begun to recover at Nakhon Pathom Hospital. She is expected to return home in the next few days if no more strains of the new virus are found in lab tests.

Strict scanning measures for coronavirus are currently taking place at airports, Bangkok’s hospitals, provincial hospitals and tourist spots. Tour operators are advised to take notice of any patient appearing unwell and notify a public health unit for immediate quarantine and treatment.