Cooler weather in North, heavy rain in South


BANGKOK  – Moving on to the weather in Thailand and the northern regions will experience cooler weather, while heavy rain is expected in southern provinces on Wednesday (Nov 13). In the northeastern province of Bueng Kan, many students are now wearing jackets and taking part in morning exercises before going to class.

Wisit Amnuaysin Kindergarten is located near mountains and the Mekong River in Muang Bueng Kan district, Bueng Kan province. Many students can be seen wearing jackets to the kindergarten, while teachers are telling their pupils to engage in morning exercises. The young children remained in classrooms to stay warm, as the temperature in Bueng Kan is forecast to drop further.

The Meteorological Department reports that these conditions will continue through to Friday. A high pressure system from China is to prevail over the North of Thailand, causing isolated heavy showers and gusty winds.

The lowest temperature in the Northeast is forecast to be 13 degrees Celsius, down by five degrees.

In the mountainous northern region, the temperature fell by as much as 12 degrees Celsius, with a further drop of up to four degrees Celsius expected.

The central and eastern regions will also see a drop in temperature by as much as four degrees Celsius, with the lowest temperature recorded at 18 degrees. People should be mindful of their health during this period.

Meanwhile, the northeast monsoon remains over the Gulf of Thailand, causing isolated heavy showers in some areas. Two-meter waves are expected in the Gulf of Thailand, and boat operators should proceed with caution.