Oom-pah-pah Bavarian Brunch


Those readers hailing from Europe will be used to the Bavarian music, full of oom-pah-pah and composed for linking arms and drinking.  Especially during Oktoberfest.  However, those innovative restaurateurs Pascal and Kim Schnyder decided to bring in Bavarian dining to Pattaya with a Bavarian Sunday Brunch, which started in July, complete with a live two piece Bavarian band playing the oom-pah-pah to entertain the Sunday brunchers.

Casa Pascal is now very well known in Pattaya gourmet circles, but for newcomers, it is situated in a small soi on the right, off Second Road and almost opposite the Marriott Hotel’s Dicey Reilly Pub, and next to the Ruen Thai restaurant.  Plenty of parking in the large car park.  Arriving at Casa Pascal, there are two distinct areas, an outside al fresco and the inside air-conditioned one.  Table sizes are very generous and Pascal and Kim have not crammed more tables in to accommodate more diners.  It is a restaurant which invites you to sit back relax and savor.  With the popularity of this restaurant it is always advisable to book.

On our review Sunday, it was very obvious that the German-speaking community of Pattaya had heard about the Bavarian menu and were enjoying these new items at Casa Pascal; in addition, it was also a brunch which had so many choices it was enjoyed by all the children as well as the adults and non-Bavarians as well.

The correct name for this Sunday brunch is a “Fruhschoppen” which I am assured is a typical Bavarian Sunday brunch.  Slightly confusing initially, but this Bavarian “Fruhschoppen” is not in place of the daily BBQ breakfast (B. 185 plus VAT), but Pascal has added this concept on top of the regular BBQ breakfast, to make the many Bavarian style items available from its own menu.  This combined offer of the normal BBQ and the Bavarian menu offerings is only B. 370 plus VAT (and remember it is as much as you can eat).

We arrived about 11 a.m. and the place was really humming along with the two piece Bavarian band delivering plenty of oom-pah-pah, and a constant stream of diners around the outside BBQ and choosing from the inside hot food boxes.  The service personnel were also running, taking the orders for the Bavarian dishes, as it was obvious that the extended menu for the Sunday Brunch represented a great bargain, as well as being Bavarian fare.

The new Sunday Bavarian menu begins with cold dishes, such as a homemade cheese spread served with bread and onions and Pascal’s genuine own smoked salmon on a potato pancake and a Munich salad plate with egg and roasted bacon.  Those are just a few of the nine cold items.  These are followed by 12 hot dishes including several German sausages (Bratwurst and Nurnberger for example), boiled beef and potatoes served in its own soup, roasted meatloaf with fried egg and a breaded pork escalope.  There are several side dishes as well and a range of mustards.

Pascal does not stint in the “normal” BBQ breakfast either, with several styles of bakery items, including waffles with maple syrup.  Croissants, muffins, Swiss farmer bread and more.  Soup, salads, pasta and roesti potatoes, smoked fish, and much more.  Outside you can have Bacon, ham, sausages, pork escallops, chicken, and eggs done any way you like.

We took our two children (eight and six) who were perfectly happy with the ‘normal’ BBQ breakfast (only B. 185 plus VAT), whilst we took advantage of the extended Bavarian BBQ Lunch Buffet (at B. 370 plus VAT) which included all the items in the ‘normal’ BBQ breakfast, plus anything or everything from the Bavarian menu, complete with its complimentary glass of wine (or schnapps or local beer), to make it an even more attractive brunch.

Well worthwhile dropping in one Sunday.

Casa Pascal, 485/M10, Pattaya Second Road, (small soi next Ruen Thai and opposite the Marriott Hotel’s Dicey Reilly’s Pub) Pattaya City, telephone for reservation 038 723 660, email info@restaurant-pattaya. com.  Secure parking.  Bavarian Sunday Brunch 8 a.m. until 3.30 p.m. (Bavarian music 11 a.m. until 3.30 p.m.), BBQ breakfast and lunch buffet from 8 a.m. every day, dinner 6 p.m. until late.