Havana wine tasting at Holiday Inn Pattaya


The Holiday Inn Pattaya promoted another of their most enjoyable wine tasting evenings last weekend, held in the spacious Havana Bar, with wines supplied by IWS (Independent Wines and Spirits).

The format was the same successful approach to wine tasting as it had been with the Stonefish tasting last month.  Rather than the service staff running around trying to ensure everyone had a glass, and in the correct order, the wines were made available at two stations at 30 minute intervals.  This gave the tasters enough time to savor the different wines and compare notes with others at the event.

The fun-loving staff complete with Panama hats.

One item that was different from before was the order of the wines.  Instead of the more usual three whites followed by three reds, the wines alternated white-red-white.  Personally I found I needed soda water between flights to avoid contamination.

Finger food was plentiful and the blue cheese was wonderful!  This saw me approaching the cheese board on more than one occasion.

The first wine to be sampled was the Chilean Concha Y Toro Sendero Sauvignon Blanc.  This had a very pleasant nose with a moderate finish and was slightly sweet.  Good to accompany a mild curry.

Empty glasses waiting to be filled.

The second was the Concha Y Toro Sendero Merlot.  This wine I felt was just too acidic with too much tannin and had very little finish to it.  I tried leaving it to breathe which did improve it somewhat but still not to my taste.  However, it should be noted that wine taste is a very personal experience and not everyone will ever feel the same about a single wine.

The third wine was back to a white with the Concha Y Toro Reservado Chardonnay.  This was a very enjoyable white with a pleasant nose, good body and finish.  You would feel very comfortable quaffing this wine.

Cheese and wine always go together.

On to number four and the Concha Y Toro Reservado Cabernet Sauvignon.  Again this was a red, but one that suited me, good nose, very smooth and a long finish.  Good for a long dinner with beef or pork.

The last two wines were from Australia and under the Wolf Blass Yellow label.  The Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay 2012 scored 89 points from James Halliday and this would also score well.  Excellent in the mouth and a long, long finish.  Loved it.  Great for seafood evening.

Golden croquettes

The final wine was the Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon.  For my taste it was a little young (2013) and could possibly be worth laying down for another couple of years.  However, in my own ‘cellar’, wines tend to be drunk before they get the chance to be laid down!

Mention should be made of the service personnel, dressed in white shirt and tie and braces and Panama hats who were just so obliging.

Thank you Holiday Inn Pattaya, I look forward to your next event.