Dingeling by Mathias

Roasted pork is falling apart.
Roasted pork is falling apart.

Almost one year ago, a previously run down Italian restaurant on Nongprue Road was taken over by German ex-pat Mathias Martens. In a few weeks he completely renovated and remodeled, adding an al fresco but covered area and a faux beach on the other side. In the middle is the restaurant proper and a sit-up bar, favored by the Jägermeister crowd. The tables have comfortable chairs and there are a couple of round table for groups of 6-8 diners, as well as the standard 3-4 places. Place mats were clean.

The menu is in German, but the following page is in English, so don’t despair! It is not a large menu, but more than adequate with its choices. It begins with breakfasts, but since the restaurant doesn’t open till 12 noon I think you can skip those.

Drinks are not expensive with local beers B. 70-85. Erdinger is imported and costs B. 130. Soft drinks are B. 35 and fruit juices B. 60. The Dining Out team had a Singha Light (B. 70) while the junior tasters had soft drinks.

Sandwiches and soups are between B. 120 and 170, with the goulash soup (B. 150) being particularly good (I have had it before here). Other comfort foods such as burgers are B. 110-130.

The next section is entitled ‘For the small appetite’ and includes the universal favorite German curry sausages (B. 160) which has two full size sausages, so goodness knows what a large appetite could eat. This section has pasta as well (B. 160-180).

And so to the Mains. Most are priced between B. 220-290 and that includes roasts and Stroganoff. Pork, beef and chicken feature with filet steak at a premium B. 440. This served with Café de Paris, green pepper sauce, mustard sauce or mushroom sauce. Sides are generally B. 80 for those requiring more.

Enjoying themselves at the round table.
Enjoying themselves at the round table.

Some pages of popular Thai food items round about B. 140 with the items also in German and English as well as Thai.

On Fridays there are special quality buffets at B. 250 and are all you can eat offers.

A team of three, we selected a Pork Cordon Bleu with mashed potatoes, a home fried potatoes with two fried eggs and a roasted pork.

Immediately obvious was the size of the portions (Germans are big eaters, I believe), with the pates full to overflowing. I also checked other diners to make sure our portions were standard – they were.

A simple cordon bleu with mashed potatoes.
A simple cordon bleu with mashed potatoes.

The home fried potatoes with eggs was beyond the capacity of the photographer, while the cordon bleu diner struggle to get all the way through.

My choice was the roasted pork which was unbelievably tender. A knife was not needed, just the fork and the generous slices fell apart. All sitting on a bed of fried potatoes, this was an excellent choice. It needed no seasoning, perfect as it was.

None of us had any room for dessert though a post-prandial Jägermeister went down well.

This restaurant is very German, but Germans all speak English these days.

Highly recommended.

Dingeling, Nongprue Road (actually Pornprapanimit Soi 17), on your left heading towards the Chicken Intersection, just past Soi 1 and around 200 meters from the Nong Prue market, tel. 089 245 9066, email [email protected], on-street parking, open 6 days from 12 noon. to 10 p.m. (closed Mondays).

A BMW naturally outside.
A BMW naturally outside.