Breakfast and lunch buffet for B. 165?


If I said that one of the 24 hour convenience food outlets was doing an ‘all you can eat’ breakfast buffet for B. 165, that would be considered quite a bargain.  Agreed?  If I told you that offer was being made by one of the top fine dining restaurants in town, it would sound unbelievable – but it is not.  Casa Pascal is offering this Breakfast Buffet complete with a BBQ and egg station and freshly baked breads and cold delicacies, and extending it to a Lunch Buffet for only B. 165, and it goes from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

I must admit that when Pascal told me about this, I did not believe him either.  When he convinced me he was not joking, my immediate reaction was, “That’s too cheap!”

With that as the background to this review, I visited Casa Pascal one Tuesday lunchtime, without previously booking or indicating that we were coming.

Having just recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, this restaurant’s location should be well known; however, for anyone new to Pattaya, Casa Pascal is just off Second Road on the right hand side, opposite Dicey Reilly’s Pub, and next to Ruen Thai.

The restaurant has glass down one side and this gives a bright and ‘airy’ feeling to the entire area.  The tables are large, and not too close together, so business deals can be concluded without the world knowing.  Large comfortable chairs and attentive staff complete the package.

For this breakfast and lunch offering, along one wall inside are some of the buffet items, whilst the live cooking BBQ and egg station is outside on the patio area.  Other differences from the fine dining in the evenings, are brightly colored tablecloths and paper napkins (instead of the white starched items) and plastic place mats.  Otherwise, it is the same fine dining restaurant with the same service staff.

We do recommend that you walk slowly around the buffet, both inside and outside, before you start to make your choices, as there are many.  For example there are several styles of bakery items, including waffles with maple syrup.  Croissants, muffins, Swiss farmer bread and more.  Choices of marmalade and jam or honey.

There are two soups – one western and one Thai.  Salads?  There are six to choose from.  BBQ items?  Bacon, ham, sausages, pork escallops, chicken, eggs done any way you like, farmer’s potatoes, roesti potatoes and mixed vegetables.  If you are looking for cold cuts you can indulge yourself on smoked fish, ham, salami, pepper Bologna and mushroom Lyoner.

Two styles of coffee, plus orange juice and pineapple juice.  Mixed yogurts, cereals, fruits and desserts.  And all that for B. 165!

We did our walk-around, and attacked the cold cuts and salads first.  The sliced salami was very nice and I added some fried rice and sat down with an orange juice.  I had also ordered from the BBQ station, and timed the two courses to perfection, with the BBQ pork escallop and a hefty omelet arriving as I polished off the final slice of salami.

Some coffee and our lunch was over.

Did we enjoy the Breakfast and Lunch Buffet?  We certainly did and left there suitably full.  Very often you can find yourself limited in what you enjoy in a buffet.  Huge piles of lettuce are fine for rabbits, but I look for something more substantial.  Casa Pascal certainly gave us the choice of plenty more substantial items.  The omelet was large, the pork steaks were tender, the cold cuts were of high quality, and it was really a high quality offering.  And at B. 165 this cannot continue.  It is by far too cheap for such choices in such surroundings.  Get in now before Pascal does his sums and finds he is losing money at that price!  Very highly recommended.

Casa Pascal, 485/M10, Pattaya Second Road, (small soi next Ruen Thai and opposite the Marriott Hotel’s Dicey Reilly’s Pub) Pattaya City, telephone for reservation 038 723 660, email [email protected]  Secure parking.  Breakfast and Lunch Buffet from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. (or a la carte if you wish).  Afterwards the Sandwich – Cake and Coffee Buffet 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.