Thailand’s Don Mueang Airport ready for more flights on May 1

Thai AirAsia at Don Mueang Airport.
Thai AirAsia at Don Mueang Airport.

BANGKOK – The management of Don Mueang airport has prepared for more flights as two airlines will resume their service on May 1.

Don Mueang airport director Samphan Khutranont said Thai AirAsia and Thai Lion Air would resume domestic service at Don Mueang airport on May 1 in addition to Nok Air that has been operating about 20 domestic flights serving about 1,000 people a day. Some airlines suspended service due the coronavirus disease 2019.

According to him, Thai AirAsia will operate 18 flights and Thai Lion Air four flights a day. On May 1 Nok Air will increase its daily flights to 24. Consequently, Don Mueang airport will serve about 3,000-4,000 passengers a day.


On May 1 Don Mueang airport will have more thermal cameras at its Gates 10 and 14 to detect people with a fever. Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand requires everyone to wear a face mask and conduct social distancing in passenger terminals to prevent disease transmission.

MrSamphan said that at Don Mueang airport outgoing flights would start at 7am and the last incoming flight would land within 6pm daily. Therefore, visitors will not have a problem with the 10pm-4am curfew.

Taxi drivers and vendors at the airport were informed of the service resumption, he said. (TNA)

Nok Air at Don Mueang Airport.
Nok Air at Don Mueang Airport.