Khlong Bang Luang Community in Bangkok adapts to survive

Khlong Bang Luang communitya vibrant destination for art lovers in Bangkok.
Khlong Bang Luang community a vibrant destination for art lovers in Bangkok.

BANGKOK– Khlong Bang Luang community used to be a vibrant destination for art lovers. The community of little houses by the canal was always hosting visitors. But suddenly, COVID-19 has drained all the color from the artistry


The community used to see lots of tourists especially on weekends, visiting the artist’s house famous for its puppet show.

Yet there are only a few food and drinks shops and some small grocery stores earning just enough income to bring food to the family table. Some are outside selling food at the community entrance. Although they only sell a little, that’s still better than nothing.

A homestay owner in the community told us that usually on weekends, hundreds of tourists fill all the rooms the community have to offer. But when the virus came they all needed to follow safety measures and close their little businesses until the situation gets better.

Most of the villagers live here on their ancestors’ land. So they don’t have to pay rent, with not many bills left to pay. Spending as little as possible is now what they are doing to survive the crisis. (NNT)