Bangkok’s third phase of easing lockdown: what reopens, what remains closed


In line with the nationwide measures on easing the COVID-19 restrictions from 1 June, 2020.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to provide a summary of Bangkok’s third phase of easing the COVID-19 control measures: what reopens and what remains closed, starting from Monday, 1 June, 2020.

For the period of 1-30 June, 2020, Bangkok has allowed the following businesses and activities to reopen:

-Restaurants and beverage shops, convenience stores, street stalls, food courts and cafeterias.

-Shopping malls, department stores and community malls can remain open until 21.00 Hrs.

-Exhibition and convention facilities and event halls.

-Meeting rooms in hotels or convention centres.

-Retailers and wholesalers, community shops, markets, floating markets, flea markets.

-Hypermarkets and wholesale markets.

-Beauty salons, hairdressers, and barbers with a time limit of not more than two hours for each customer and no waiting in the premises.

-Amulet markets and centres.

-Nurseries and elderly care centres (overnight only).

-Child development centres.

-Beauty and aesthetic clinics, tattoo shops and manicure/pedicure shops.

-Golf courses and driving ranges.

-Sports stadiums.

-Public parks and sports venues.

-Pet care centres.

-Fitness centres.

-Indoor sports venues.

-Indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

-Botanic gardens, flower gardens, museums, learning centres, historic sites, archaeological sites, public libraries, and art galleries.

-Health and wellness shops, spas, Thai traditional massage shops, and foot massage shops.

-Boxing camps and gyms.

-Bowling alleys and skating and rollerblade rinks.

-Dance centres and schools.

-Ponds for water sports and activities.

-Cinemas and theatres.


-Schools and educational buildings.


The following businesses and activities remain closed for the period of 1-30 June, 2020, or until further notice.

-Pubs, bars, and entertainment venues.

-Water parks and amusement parks.

-Children playgrounds and children’s play areas in markets, floating markets and flea markets.

-Snooker and billiard halls.

-Game centres.

-Gaming and Internet shops.

-Fighting cock venues.


-Nurseries and elderly care centres (except for overnight services).

-Boxing stadiums.

-Martial arts gyms.

-Horse-race tracks.

-Shower establishments.

-Massage and shower parlours.

-All types of competition venues.

-Catering rooms and venues.

-Fighting bulls and fish venues.