28.8 million Thai people register for cash relief


BANGKOK – More than 28.8 million people registered online for the government’s 5,000 –baht cash handout as the registration closed midnight Wednesday.

A total of 28,849,725 applicants were recorded after the registration closed.

So far, the monthly 5,000 baht cash relief has been transferred to eligible 4.2 registrants.

More 700,000 applicants will receive the money by Friday. This group comprises 500,000 applicants who were found to meet the requirements after submitting more documents and 200,000 rejected applicants who appealed for the review and the verification found they were qualified.

Most people who have occupation license on hand can be easily verified but those whose information remains unclear will be identified by officials in person.

More than 10.6 rejected applicants can appeal online at the website raomaithingkun.com (We won’t leave anyone behind in Thai).

Meanwhile, 1.5 million applicants were asked to submit more information for the verification process can continue to do so.

The government’s 5,000 baht cash handout scheme will be granted for three months to help relieve the Covid-19 impacts on self-employed and laid-off workers, who aren’t covered by the social security system. (TNA)