Yingluck samples “Royal Umbrella” brand rice to reassure confidence


BANGKOK, 19th July 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck and the Public Health and Commerce Ministers have played down concerns over contaminated rice, eating “Royal Umbrella” brand rice in front of the media to show that it is not contaminated. 

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday visited C.P. intertrade co. ltd in Ayutthaya province to listen to a strategic water transport presentation by the Ayutthaya Port and inland container depot (ICD). C.P. has developed a water transport service to facilitate rice transporting, which can significantly help lower transportation costs and energy consumption.

Yingluck also visited the Royal Umbrella brand rice development center, the largest and the most modern in Thailand. The center features a laboratory and a command room.

Ms.Yingluck tested some cooked rice in front of the media to restore public confidence. According to her, the rice was of good quality and tasted great. She stated that the Ministry of Public Health’s inspections were of good standard, and urged the public to have confidence in Thai rice.